Zero Gravity a Ten

sandra bullock gravity

I’m feeling queasy and not just because I’ve eaten lots of chocolate and gooey worm treats whilst gorging on ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ – although I’ll probably do just that on Halloween eve. Nope, I just got back from a UK preview screening of ‘Gravity’ and I can confirm that all that zero gravity 3D action is best enjoyed after a light lunch, probably best avoided on anything more.

But what a film! This technical marvel beats Alfonso Cuarón’s previous best form, the extraordinary single take car chase in ‘Children of Men’, to deliver a tense space thriller in all its possible gorgeous glory. It’s the best thing Sandra Bullock has been in and she is great throughout, but the real star here is the canvas on which Cuarón paints. The whole thing looks glorious and the screensaver-ready shots are aided by some truly spectacular 3D, the best I’ve seen and the only instance I’ve witnessed where it adds not just depth of field but emotional depth too. As Bullock’s tears hit the lens as the movie hits its final stretch, you’ll feel physically drained and emotionally exhausted but in the way that means you’ve just experienced a true cinematic event.

Don’t wait for the DVD, it just won’t have the same effect. Take the ride on the biggest screen you can find, just remember to breathe!

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