Tori Gives Light to Musical Princess

tori amos the light princess

You’d be forgiven for glancing at the picture above and mistaking it for the album cover of Tori Amos’s early album ‘From the Choirgirl Hotel’. Take another look then, for this image is an entirely different proposition: it is a promotional still from the new musical ‘The Light Princess’, a theatrical fairytale featuring music penned by the flame-haired singer/songwriter herself.

Of course, Toriphiles will already have their tickets and the most devout Little Earthquakers will have already caught Amos’s debut theatre work during opening week. I shockingly am yet to purchase a ticket, but am greatly intrigued by the prospect of Amos translating her increasingly orchestra-led songcraft to the stage.

‘The Light Princess’ tells the tale of Althea, a princess who is unable to cry following the death of her mother and so becomes light with grief and floats away. With music and lyrics by the iconic Amos and a book by playwright Samuel Adamson, director Marianne Elliott’s play runs at the South Bank’s National Theatre until early January.

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