Bye to Bon Temps

true blood
Fangbangers everywhere must be crying into their bottle of Tru Blood upon hearing the confirmation from HBO that cult show ‘True Blood’ is getting staked at the end of its seventh year in 2014. Look above, Sookie and Eric are in bits!

I can’t say I’m that surprised; I’ve enjoyed a spot of Sookie, slaying and sex (lots of sex) down in Bon Temps ever since its 2008 breakthrough, but it feels like the show has lost its teeth at times, especially during its fourth year. The departure of Alan Ball last year was surely a sign that the show was starting to wind down – but following the announcement, I do have to wonder where else fans will be able to find such a wild mix of raunch, gore and wildly irreverent humour (not to mention a slew of ‘F’ and ‘C’ bombs) on TV today? Sure, there are many great cult shows on HBO, but how many of them feature werewolves shagging fairies?

UK fans who didn’t stream the current run can look forward to the start of the sixth season on FX in a few weeks. Teaser trailer below:

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