You So Naughty, Kick-Ass



Remember when Jim Carrey took a sledgehammer to an old lady in ‘The Mask’? Remember, like, two or so months ago when he practically disowned ‘Kick-Ass 2’, in which he stars alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a masked vigilante, because he could not – in his own words – ‘support that level of violence’?

Holy moly. I haven’t seen the film yet (despite the reviews, it looks like rollickin’ fun so I would quite like to), but one has to wonder if the violence in a comic-book film can justify this response from one of its cast members when it’s just that: a comic-book film.

Remember Uma’s Bride chopping her way through The Crazy 88 in ‘Kill Bill’? D’you reckon Carrey had the Lucy Liu role in the bag but turned down Tarantino when he saw just how much blood and flying limbs there would be? Of course, I’m being silly, but surely this film can’t be showing any more deplorable violent acts than were shown in the likes of ‘Django Unchained’ less than a year ago?? Yes, Tarantino has had his anti-violence detractors, but not from Thurman, Jackson, Waltz, etc.

Following Carrey’s comments, it becomes clearer that the actor’s concerns lies with the characters perpetrating the violence being of high school age. Sure, it becomes muddy then (and The Daily Mail will lecture to you just how muddy all day long), given the most recent acts of violence carried out in schools, cinemas and homes in the US – but I would hope that ‘Kick-Ass 2’ would no more inspire a youth to pick up a gun than ‘Batman’ would inspire him to put on a cape? It’s a comic book, and anyone inspired to recreate any of the actions on page or on screen are surely already disturbed.

Another point Carrey’s side-step away from the movie might raise is censorship – that ongoing juggernaut that Hit Girl would totally want to beat the shit out of (as displayed in the Hit Girl-centric trailer above). In one way, I respect Carrey for not being bullied into supporting the movie when he didn’t believe it was the right thing to do, but surely the censorship brigade will only use an actor’s rejection of his ‘too-violent’ film as further fuel in their own ongoing war against so-called bad taste.

Whatever the case, ‘Kick-Ass 2’ has been beaten to the #1 spot by a black butler in the US and a buncha Disney cartoon planes in the UK. Have Carrey’s actions dented the film? Has all the talk of violence put people off? Or, and this is the question that will cause the anti-‘Kick Ass’ quotient to keep on picketing, is the reason it’s stayed from the top spot because all the people who want to see it are too young to get into the screening?

Hmm. All I know is that, if you pass me some popcorn and a ticket, I’ll likely enjoy every bloody minute – then leave the showing and return to my totally pacifist existence. Ka-pow!

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