A Portrait of Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse a family portrait

Yesterday, I visited the Jewish Museum in Camden, London, for a viewing of its current Amy Winehouse exhibition, ‘A Family Portrait’. As a big fan of the tragic beehived chanteuse, I’m glad I caught the exhibition before its end date on September 15th, as it offers a revealing snapshot of the woman behind the myth, and what we see – through belongings carefully selected by her brother Alex – is first and foremost a daughter and a sister who just happened to transcend her London roots by becoming one of the biggest musical icons of the century.

Although it only occupies one floor, the exhibition is a sobering proposition and highlights abound: move from a suitcase crammed full of family photos to her favourite guitar, to her handwritten application for the Sylvia Young school and a dress worn for her Glastonbury 2008 performance. It felt a little morbid casting my eye over her record collection (in amongst the inevitable Ray Charles and Sarah Vaughn records was a CD of Beck’s ‘Odelay’ – who knew?!), but you have to remember that this is a celebration of Winehouse and her talent – in amongst the more mundane or personal items on show, after all, is a Grammy award for her duet with Tony Bennett.

Fan of Winehouse? Tickets are just £7.50 from here, so don’t miss this.

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