Imagine That

I’m not a fan of ‘The Voice’ or ‘The X Factor’ if I’m honest – like most geeks, I’d rather be in the cinema catching the latest genre blockbuster or at home watching ‘Buffy’ reruns. Yup, that’s certainly more my geek-ass style.

emma's imagination

However, back in 2010, I did catch a bit of ‘Must Be The Music’, a Sky 1 show that attempted to inject at least some credibility into the tired old talent show format. It’s unlikely that one of these types of shows will ever produce a Winehouse, a Wainwright, a Wonder – but Emma Gillespie, aka Emma’s Imagination, was a worthy winner of a show that championed original songwriting over Mariah-style warbling.

Her new EP ‘Underway’ is an extension of her debut album’s acoustic pop ditties, but the six songs presented are bluesier with a more mature, lived-in feel aided by stripped production. The highlight is a cover of the Deftones’ track ‘Changes’ – after all, it’s always fun as a music fan to hear a singer perform as a fan! Check out my review here.

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