Umbrella Crush

The Blue Umbrella

So, today I finally caught Sulley and Mike Wazowski teaming up at college in ‘Monsters University’. The ever-so-trustworthy Pixar delivered once again (hey, I even liked ‘Cars’) so I urge any self-respecting geek to catch this ASAP.

Another reason not to let this one pass you by during its cinema run? Pixar shorts are the cherry on top of a visit to their latest feature presentation, and ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is one of the sweetest five minutes I’ve had the pleasure to witness this year. They’re the masters at making us warm to inanimate objects, and they’ve done it again… Those guys in the vid clip below? I WANT THEM.

One thought on “Umbrella Crush

  1. Reblogged this on StarFor52 and commented:
    I’d kind of like your thoughts on this one here guys, I mean, Pixar has an astonishing reputation for thinking outside the box, usually. Brave, could have been considered a revelation despite me not actually liking the movie, I can appreciate the need for a strong independent female that goes against the grain, but even this nowadays is getting a bit old and cliched at times. Monsters University, which I have also seen, is a superb film, which I loved to death, having sadly developed a crush on Sulley. (Hey, dont! I see you silently judging me and shaking your head in shame.) The afforementioned ‘Blue Umbrella’ precedes the film, and I love pixar’s enthusiasm for exhibiting short animation films (as a Film and TV graduate) and they’re all so very sweet but yet again I find myself asking, is it just too mainstream and old hat? Recently, my biggest concern has been how much we put people in boxes without overall concern for the social implications, to some extent people are told (well versed in) ‘how to go about life’ which IS available at wherever ‘good’ books are sold. I’m almost ashamed to say that ‘Boys=Blue’ ‘Girls=Pink’ is still much too prevalent around the little guys who are just learning the ropes of how to fit in here. If you’re a guy and you happen to like any colour our eyes can or cannot see, then you totally should. I’d like to see less of a call for IDing anything that walks in, the question ultimately is ‘Do you think that this kind of education is dangerous and to what extent’ an essay question I know, but I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.

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