Who’s Not There

Ooh-er. Don’t upset a Whovian, especially when the 50th anniversary is coming up.

A certain devout subset of ‘Doctor Who’ fans are a bit peeved that an exclusive (and apparently super-awesome-shiny) trailer was debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and yet has not since been made available online. I guess I can understand why the UK ‘Who’ followers are annoyed that the Yanks get a peek before us, seeing as it is a Brit institution. Butttt, I’m all for keeping things a bit of a mystery – sure, a tease is nice but wouldn’t it be great to know nothing about the special before it airs in November? Doubt that’s gonna happen, so let’s just enjoy the mystique a little bit longer.

Also, if this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have got this awesome little vid from TheBritishCupOfTea. Teehee!

2 thoughts on “Who’s Not There

  1. This is brilliant. I saw it linked to the Gallifrey Base forum yesterday where, sure enough, there were complaints aplenty about the non availability of the real clip in the UK.

    I’m currently undertaking the ultimate Doctor Who marathon in which I watch every broadcast episode in chronological order and then blog about it – 50 Years in 50 Weeks. You can check out my blog at http://doctorwhomindrobber.wordpress.com/

    • Good stuff! I wonder when we will get it and if it’s worth all the hullabaloo in the end?! There will probably be some Whovians who still diss the Moffat after they see the thing.

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