Trailer Tuesday: Ready For Love?

Hmm, this one could go either way. Could it be the next clever indie mind-meddler or a ponderous exercise in aimless pretension?

I’m holding out hope that ‘The One I Love’ is a movie to fall hard for. The pull quotes in the trailer reference Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, which is no small praise, and the presence of mumblecore maverick Mark Duplass and ‘Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss (so good in last year’s hypnotic ‘Top of the Lake’) continue to suggest quality.

However, the promo is not giving anything away – which, in this world of setpiece-ruining clips, is a rare treat but one that we’re no longer used to. What the hell are they doing in that weekend retreat? Are they really alone? Will they just talk at each other with their quirky faces in close-up for the whole movie or will something bizarre, as the off-kilter tone implies, actually happen? Find out and get loved-up later this year.

Making Time For Mickey

One of the things I did on my geek sorta-sabbatical was, well, pretty geeky.

After a period in my teens where I passed off all my VHS tapes to cousins and pretending I wasn’t cray-cray for cartoons, I’ve fully embraced my love of Disney once again. Of course, the Pixar catalogue has been a gateway drug leading backwards into the classic canon, and though not without some shabby entries (‘Oliver’s Company’, I’m looking at you) the Walt wonder years are not to be snubbed by any serious film fan – or eternal kid.

Because the Blu/DVD library and Disney Infinity figures aren’t enough, I took time out (guffaw) from my busy schedule to buy a Mickey Mouse watch from Ingersoll watches.

Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch

It’s just one of many timepieces starring the world’s most famous mouse, but the large dial and stainless steel bracelet meant this one won prime real estate on my hairy wrist. Everybody’s favourite Sorcerer’s Apprentice looks like he’s having fun telling me what time it is, dontcha think?

If you’re geared towards Goofy or would rather spend your time with a dwarf or evil queen, you’ll be happy to hear that Ingersoll have a Disney watches collection that I really wish I hadn’t seen because I now want all of them. Rolex has never been this much fun!

Ingersoll - Disney watches

Trailer Tuesday: Zombie Girlfriend Alert

It was 2004 when ‘Shaun of the Dead’ expertly took on zombie movie tropes with good-hearted British humour, and in the years since the zombie genre has taken a bite out of pop culture in a big way. ‘The Walking Dead’ may take top honours with its grim, post-apocalyptic world populated with rounded characters – but where’s the funnies gone?

The recent ‘Warm Bodies’ showed zombie tongue could be put firmly in rotting cheek if the undead in question just happened to be able to fall in love. It looks like new zom-rom-com ‘Life After Beath’ may be next in line, pairing indie-cred faves Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan as the couple separated by death. Throw in a great ensemble cast and a tone that suggests a balance between sweetness, jokes and boy-eating, and we may have a comedy that may not be DOA come its pre-Halloween UK release.

’1000 Forms of Fear’ – 1000 Sounds of Sia

sia 1000 forms of fear

As a long-term Sia fan, I was hearting hard on ‘Chandelier’ earlier this year. But would the promise of a new album be kept?

Enter ’1000 Forms of Fear’, which sees Ms Furler applying her unique approach (not to mention voice) to a set of big bold pop songs. Not content with lying back and rolling around in the piles of money generated by her hits for the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Eminem, Britney and such, Sia follows up 2010′s ‘We Are Born’ with a catchy, colourful record that keeps some of the kook but also isn’t afraid of Top 40-sized choruses.

Whether she’ll ever make it as a global-conquering chart star in her own right remains to be seen, but she’s done enough here to merit a pole position on any discerning pop fan’s iPod rotation for a while. And did I mention ‘Chandelier’ is F-word awesome?!!

Check out my 4* ’1000 Forms of Fear’ review, live now at The Music Fix.

Party On With Rachael Smith

rachael smith house party

Meet Mish, Siobhan and Neil. They’re a little bit lost.

Stuck in supposedly ‘stop-gap’ jobs and slumming it in their house-share with red wine and ‘Come Dine With Me’ repeats, the trio of pals attempt to relive the glory of their uni days with an impromptu house party attended by the local so-hot-right-now indie rock band. What could possibly go wrong?

Nailing the sense of apathy, disillusionment and general feeling of ‘what do I do now?’ experienced by many a twentysomething in the haze of post-uni days, comic book artist and writer Rachael Smith is on to a winner with her first graphic novel proper ‘House Party’.

house party

Smith’s story is short, but in just 100 pages she fits in enough canny characterisation, snarky jokes and kickass art to make this party one worth attending. Her cast of goofy, geeky misfits are drawn in a cute, colourful way that recalls the indie hipsters of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series (Sonic Youth tees abound!) but the voice is defiantly British; while her characters may fling about ‘douchebag’ as an insult, they’re also happy calling things ‘minging’.

With a bittersweet ending that leaves the door open for more encounters with the gang (I especially wouldn’t mind seeing what tequila-swiggin’ bezzy friend Siobhan gets up to next), ‘House Party’ is a short but sweet, perfectly formed triumph.

Find out more about Rachael Smith and ‘House Party’ via her blog or track her down on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

Trailer Tuesday: Hungry For More?

So far, Snow good. Or not so good.

This week’s Tuesday trailer (more of a tease, to be fair) is dedicated to the adaptation of the third book in Suzanne Collins’s bestselling trilogy of books, which will be the third of four films that Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt very glad she signed up for.

In the ingenious ‘Mockingjay’ promo clip below, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) addresses the Districts of Panem from his Capitol throne. But what’s this? Katniss’s sorta-honey Peeta, last seen before she ripped The Hunger Games a new one and woke up on a hovercraft Peeta-less, is at the dastardly dictator’s side. Has he gone rogue? Was he always the bad boy when she thought he was the good guy? Has anyone in the world actually not read the books to not know the answers?

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Games or a hardened survivalist, this playful approach to the trailer is enough to suggest that we’ll all be pleased with the third entry in one of the best big-screen blockbusters of the century so far. #OnePanem indeed.