Client Will See You Now


Slinkies, Swatch watches, vintage Madonna, ‘The Goonies’… the ’80s were pretty ace, TBF (as a 1986 baby, I have some worthy credentials there even if I was more of a ’90s geek kid).

Client is one musical act that sound like they refuse to believe it’s 2014. The female indie duo have ridden a wave of ’80s nostalgia on past albums, and continue to do so on new record ‘Authority’. It’s a throwback for sure, so your enjoyment will depend on your familiarity and enjoyment of acts like The Human League and Depeche Mode, but check out my review and the vid for single ‘Refuge’ to make your own mind up.

Trailer Tuesday: Araki Flys Again

2010’s ‘Kaboom’ was a riot but director Gregg Araki has been on the down-low since. Therefore, fans of the indie auteur’s movies will snuggle up tightly to the new trailer for ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’, which promises a return to the moody and possibly award-baiting drama he delivered with ‘Mysterious Skin’.

Shailene Woodley stars as an ’80s teen whose mother (Eva Green, in what promises to be another bewilderingly magnetic turn) suddenly disappears. Soundtrack may be one to add to the wishlist, too.

Check out the trailer below:

Giveaway: ‘Go Forward’ Superman Poster

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a super-frickin’ awesome Superman poster courtesy of the very talented Brian C. Roll (he of the genre art haven that is Odyssey Art).

Remember my post a couple of weeks back? Well, the superman behind art prints celebrating genre icons from Sherlock to Buffy, Marty McFly to Miss Piggy has been kind enough to donate a 24”x 36” Superman ‘Go Forward’ poster to one lucky winner who enters the latest Nice to Geek You giveaway.

brian c. roll go forward prize

So, what do you have to do?

1) Head over to Twitter and follow @nicetogeekyou and @OdysseyArtTorch.

2) Retweet any one of the daily Tweets I’ll be sending out via the NTGY Twitter between now and the giveaway end date on Friday 29th August 2014.

Now, ‘go forward’ and good luck!

Prize Giveaway Terms & Conditions
Prize giveaway open to anyone in the UK and US aged 18 or over. Entry closes 11:59pm on 29/08/2014. One winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly thereafter via Twitter, whereupon a postal address for delivery of prize will be requested. Entry method as described above: to be considered eligible, you must follow @nicetogeekyou and @OdysseyArtTorch on Twitter and have retweeted at least one of the daily @nicetogeekyou tweets promoting the giveaway. The prize is as stated, with no alternative offered unless the advertised prize becomes unavailable. If a response is not received from the selected winner within 7 days, that winner will effectively forfeit his/her prize and another winner will be selected in his/her place. Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Trailer Tuesday: Maps Movie

New Cronenberg alert! And if ‘A Dangerous Method’ left you cold and ‘Cosmopolis’ had you scratching your head, maybe the creepy intrigue of the new ‘Maps to the Stars’ trailer will have you on board.

With a stellar cast, headed by the one-two girl power punch of Julianne Moore and Mia Wasikowska, and rave reviews already from critics, this could be real star quality. What do you think, guyz girlz ‘n geekz?

Parasitology: Contagious New Novels

Reading a fictionalised account of an outbreak that renders its hosts hopeless is pretty scary when the Ebola virus is the source of decidedly non-fictional headlines. But that’s why Mira Grant‘s ‘Parasite’, the first novel in an intended series (Book 2, ‘Symbiont’ hits UK bookshelves in November), manages to prey on our nightmares like the best horror does – because it’s rooted in reality.

parasitology book 1

‘Parasite’ may have to contend with the character/world-building exposition that weighs down many a first tome in a trilogy or series, but you can tell Grant is at home here. The ‘Newsflesh’ writer sets her cautionary tale in 2027, where trail-blazing SymboGen have revolutionised modern medicine with a little creation called an Intestinal Bodyguard – a parasite that lives inside its human, keeping them healthy without the need for pills, injections and more. What could possibly go wrong?

If you’ve seen ‘Jurassic Park’, you’ll know that “life finds a way” and Grant’s sci-fi conspiracy thriller with added shuffling zombie types certainly recalls Michael Crichton’s paranoid parables. The action centres around Sally, a twentysomething miracle marvel after SymboGen take the credit when she survives the seemingly insurmountable consequences of a mysterious car accident. Sally is kept under the watchful eye of SymboGen’s co-founder Dr. Banks, all while attempting to traverse a new life away from the girl she was before the accident: a girl she can’t remember. Parasitology expert and long-term boyfriend Nathan Kim provides some respite away from her required return check-ups at SymboGen and a strained domestic life with a family, including a government-employed father, who can still remember the old Sally and seem to be waiting for Sally’s own memories of that girl to return.

Then, of course, shit happens. It’s hard to review this taut, Hugo-nominated page-turner without spoiling the twisty-turny fun, but suffice to say those parasites aren’t exactly the life-saving, world-changing remedy they’ve been made out to be. Excerpts from interviews with Dr. Banks and his MIA former colleague, Shanti Cale, precede each new chapter and help build an impending sense of doom as we reach this first book’s game-changing conclusion. And, above all, it’s fun – the zombie horror and bad science elements don’t get in the way of some biting one-liners and, in Tansy, a third-act character that just screams ‘spin-off’.

So, November – hurry up with your apocalypse! ‘Symbiont’ will be ready to infect, courtesy of Orbit Books, on November 25.

Post-Comic Con Recon

So, now the geek dust has settled and San Diego costume shops have had their supply of superhero capes returned, it’s (perhaps past) time to reflect on the year’s biggest annual genre convention.

While there was nothing quite as awesome as last year’s impromptu Loki cosplay from Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, there were some rather exciting announcements. Because I love lists – damn you, Buzzfeed! – here are the 15 things to emerge from SDCC ’14 that your McGeek is most excited about:

avengers 2

1. The new ‘Age of Ultron’ info, headed up by the insane poster above, is super news for fans of those super-sorts, The Avengers. Whedon, Downey, exciting new baddies – is it April 2015 yet?

2. Next year’s other Bigger-than-Big superhero team-up, ‘Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ revealed its feminine charms with shots of Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman cozzy. Wouldn’t it be funny if she kicks both their asses?!

3. The ‘Warcraft’ trailer. Never played it, doubt I ever will – but looks pretty epic!

4. Following its glowing reviews and major box office, it was announced that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is getting a sequel. Not too bad for a Marvel-lous gamble featuring a talking tree, huh?

5. Speaking of sequels, Gareth Edwards gets to play with his monster toybox some more with a second ‘Godzilla’ movie. After the somewhat muted reception to this year’s San Francisco-set rampage, maybe Edwards will deliver the monster movie to rule – and smash – all other monster movies with his second Godzilla outing.

6. Here’s some more sequel news for you – or sorta-sequel prequel news, anyway. King Kong’s prehistoric island home will be a destination for summer cinema audiences soon with a newly announced trip back to ‘Skull Island’. Joe Cornish is in the frame to direct.

7. Oh, and Christopher Nolan unveiled a new trailer for ‘Interstellar’. Thinkings, space travellers?

8. Summer means an impending new season of TV, so many of our favourites were in the frame. ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ happily gets a second season despite a tail-off in viewership, so with that we get rumours of new characters like super agent Mockingbird as well as new cast members, including Lucy Lawless and ‘Dollhouse’s Reed Diamond.

9. Keeping it Marvel, an interesting expansion of the property’s TV portfolio comes with a rebooted ‘Daredevil’ for can-do-no-wrong Netflix. Will the platform’s creative freedom allow for the edgy, dark incarnation that the Ben Affleck vehicle so sadly wasn’t??

10. Didn’t think Homer would ever meet Peter Griffin? Erm…

homer meets peter griffin

11. Still reeling from the second season finale of ‘Hannibal?’ The third course will be set a year after that shocking bloodbath – and, as a Bryan Fuller buff and avid fan of the show, I can’t wait to see who lives, who dies and what the cannibal concocts next. The Red Dragon himself, Francis Dolarhyde, is set to make an appearance. Nightmares at the ready.

12. TV/game crossovers can be tricky to get right (‘Defiance’ anyone?) but the news that the cast of ‘Firefly’ are reuniting for a new online game is just, well, SHINY. She keeps on flying… *happy sigh*

13. Sam Raimi, in attendance to announce ‘The Last of Us’ film adap, also teased a possible new ‘Evil Dead’ series with Bruce Campbell also possibly involved. Can post-watershed handle this?

14. Horror buffs can also look forward to a return-to-form Guillermo del Toro, who takes a pause from pitting robots against giant monsters to deliver in ‘Crimson Peak’ the type of elegant, scary-as-hell pic with which he first made his name. Jeepers creepers.

15. Finally, Christmas soon which means mince pies, Santa and one big ol’ present in the final (for now) trip to Middle-earth for Peter Jackson’s ‘Hobbit’ trilogy. Sniff.

Until next year! Someone buy me a ticket??

Trailer Tuesday: Horny Harry

Props to Danny Radcliffe. His post-‘Potter’ career has already been quite prolific, featuring turns as a haunted father, iconic Beat poet and drug-addled doctor. What next? Well, Harry’s feeling horny.

Based on the creepily good book by Joe Hill, aka Stephen King Jr., ‘Horns’ is due out this Halloween and hopefully the early horror cred of director Alexandre Aja (he of ‘Switchblade Romance’ who then went on to helm, erm, ‘Piranha 3D’) will shine through.

The trailer looks like it could very well lead into a successful adaptation, balancing some dark humour alongside the murder, snakes and downright devilishness.

Words on Wainwright

The Wainwright dynasty offers anyone with even a passing interest in the family discography almost Corleone-levels of family drama and blood-letting – only theirs is the emotional kind, not the horses-in-beds kind.

So, as a fan of Rufus, Martha and the parentals, I was of course up for a spin of the new record from Loudon Wainwright III – that’s Papa Wainwright to the gay messiah and his little sister, Martha.

havent got the blues yet

‘Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)’ is merely the 26th (!) album from Loudon, so perhaps its most surprising facet is its freshness. To get on board, you’ll have to enjoy the sound of a grizzled folkster-cum-storyteller weaving witty, observational and occasionally gut-punching tales of both the personal and topical, but age doesn’t come into it; this is funny and warm music that escapes its occasionally stinging references to the ‘blues’ and late-blooming depression to become the latest chapter in the singer’s engaging meditation on that little thing called life.

Check out ‘I Knew Your Mother’, featuring Martha Wainwright’s backing vocals, below:

My capsule review is live now over at The Music Fix, right here: ‘Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)’.